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Hello, my friend in this life things are great for some and things are not to great for the rest. The best room and board in the area of the Central Valley in California is: MY ANGEL HOMES Room and Board, located in the Modesto Area, serving the cities of Modesto, Turlock, Stockton, Merced, Fresno and Sacramento. This Room and Board has got the great reputation because the people who run it are people who really care helping the others in need.

My Angel Homes Room and Board, get great reputation not only for the great quality of meals or food, they bring plenty... and we really mean it.. good quality food.. most of the people in the room and board would stay for long time, and if they ever chose to leave, with in 3 months are trying to be back... My Angel Homes room and board treat people with respect and honesty. Their program is based on respect and freedom, they are a Room and Board with great rules, where people get to live happy and comfortable... most people love the owners of the room and board... yes My Angel Homes Room and Board is run by a a great couple... Art and Laura... They are a very happy and marry couple with kids, they work very hard on making sure every body is happy.... They give time to every body, they do not care what you problem in life is, they just try to help and make you feel good...


Food in Room and Board..

My Angel Homes Room and Board, brings great quality of food and supply to each house twice a week, people have more that plenty to eat, yes people can it more the 3 times a day if they want, this room and board if great, not only foods, but ice cream, cakes, juices, drinks, etc... fruits, and so much things that people love to enjoy... My Angel Homes room and board... have many homes in the north side of Modesto, My Angel Homes, get so many calls and tenants, that they are helping many more room and boards in the area with referrals, many room and boards are looking for tenants, and is hard for them to get the tenants or people looking for room and board, if you know someone looking for tenants for room and board, please contact My Angel Homes room and board and they can share with you, they get many calls and make sure that every single one, finds a good place to live.....


Total price is: $550 ( Great life - great food - easy life ) Remeber this is an INDEPENDENT LIVING PLACE - you take care of yourself.


Food ( eat 3 or more times a day)

Bills ( Phone with long distance, Laudry and detergent, Toilet paper, water, electricity, Central Air and Heater, Gas, Cable, Garbage, etc)

Rent ( Bed, tv with cable signal, share the rest of the house) Nice location, great looking homes...

NOTE: You will only need to buy your personal items like: Shampoo, soap, etc.

For more Information, please call:
(209 ) 534 – 9415   Ask for Art or Laura.



Ok, if you are someone looking to help another person or maybe you are looking for a great place to live... Please call My Angel Homes Room and Board now, and if they do not answer leave a message they will contact you back... we promise you will not be disappointed...



I M P O R T A N T : If you are a owner of a room and board in the Modesto area and if you need some help, please call them, they are always looking for good people, since they have so much business and a lot of people want to stay with them, so they always need a place to put all the extra people they get, they just want to make sure that everybody gets a very nice place to stay and have a good life...



Thanks for the visit to this site, and we hope the best of the best for you... "GOD BLESS YOU""





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